Maarten Hoogenboom - Lead Vocals:

There is a reason why this long forgotten wit and wordplay is so popular. For that we need to thank the elegant singer ,who ,when performing, appears to be so taken over by the era, that one might get the impression he had just stepped out of an UFA-film at the side of Lilian Harvey. Maarten has a deep affinity with the music and lyrics of the 20ies to 50ies which simply can not be contained. He learned his craft in the hard school of life having spent many years in a church choir and forming his first Rock & Roll Band at the age of 15. He is addicted to all that swings, leading him to delve deeper into the roots of popular music. He was a Teenager when he meets up with Timon and together they formed the first Band of long forgotten hits.

Christian Weichert - Piano, Vocals:

In March 2005 the German Center for Tourism offered that we should accompany them on a tour through Korea and Japan. It became clear that Mr Andisan Stenger would not be available for appearances abroad. After a short and intensive search we discovered Pianist and Singer Christian Weichert from Wilmersdorf , a multi talented musician with stage presence.

It was in the early 80's that this experienced musician made a name for himself in the Jive,Blues and Rock'n'Roll scene of Berlin. With his bands 'Graceland', Boogie Blasters and Jive Sharks he is a busy and sought after pianist. In addition Christian cuts a fine figure as lead singer as for instance as Ray Charles "It should have been me".

Timon Ruhemann - Drums, Bassvocals:

His relaxed style with the brush adds rhythmic spice to the Swing. No groove is foreign to this drummer of long standing and varied experiences. He adds a velvety bass, which has many applications. Timon, known to his friends as "Motormouth Timon" will imitate a bass line, sing in harmony and of course function as sonorous soloist. At the tender age of 16 years he rocked the house as DJ for a local disco. At the same time he founded with friends his first Band. He has tried it all - from Reggae, Trash to Electropunk- until he discovered the love to Swing through Maarten Hoogenboom and Wendell Heiss, which eventually produced Safe, Sane & Single.

Andi Stenger - Piano, Vocals:

If he reproduces the piano tour de force Meade "Lux" Lewis in its original form one might be tempted to think the lad plays with four hands. Whether he plays Fats Dominos melancholic "Blue Monday" or the lively Doo-Wop -Hit "Waddaya want" he does not only demonstrate his piano playing skills but also shines as Baritone Blueso. Occasionally he stars as lead singer: "Smokey Joe's Cafí sounds even more smoky with him than in the original of Robins. Even in his early years he began to impress young ladies with his talents. After various blues projects at home and abroad destiny has driven him into the haven of Sane, Safe & Single, to whom he is loyally committed as far as possible...