The Trio with the Bigband sound

Since 1996 Safe Sane & Single offers the best dance music from the 20ies to the late 50ies. Commencing with the Rhythm & Blues to the Hit Parade you are taken over musical - cultural borders on time travel through the throbbing world of Boogie Woogie, Jive and Swing , causing hips to gyrate.

Evergreen and melancholic a cappella Doo-Wop of the 50ies will melt your heart and draw the listeners closer to one another until a rousing polka or a totally crazy twist shakes the building.

Still today this music from the first half of the last century forces all to "dance the light fantastic". If one is exhausted from the Boogie-Woogie , Jive or Lindy- Hop , one can absorb the humorous, charming texts in English and German

Maarten Hoogenboom - Lead Vocals

Christian Weichert - Piano, Vocals

Timon Ruhemann - Drums, Bassvocals