Deputies and Guests with Safe Sane and Single

Because of our numerous commitments our regular pianist is not always available. Safe Sane and Single will occasionally appear with other singing pianists.

Besides the Trio is always delighted to welcome one or other guest musician occasionally

Mr. Jörg Dumkow :

Prompted by the trade fair " Viva Touristika " November 2008 we were looking for a fourth man to form a quartet with guitar accompaniment . Thanks to the large circle of musical friends of our pianist Christian Weichert we soon found not only a successful singer and guitar player , but also a trained contra bass player and author Jörg Dumkow.
Born in Berlin Jrg is extremely busy in numerous band, theatre and cultural projects. Including the " Berlin Blues Brothers " and " Pomp Duck and Circumstance" which allowed his "swinging Rossinis" to shine . He was also involved with the children's opera ensemble " Opera piccola".

We could not possible miss the opportunity to feature this multi talented artist also on his main instrument in our trio as illustrated in the pictures from the Clrchens Ballroom in Berlin on October 31st.

Mr. Tal Balshai :

In 1999 the Cami Trio formed specifically for a three month appearance at the Berlin Variety Camaeleon with the pianist Tal Balshai. In the show "Bastards Colourful Miracle World" the three musicians played a long lost band which they revived to reawaken the fun and artistry of the Funfair of the 50's through their music.

Following on there was a further engagement at the Variety Show of the Georgs Palace in Hanover. Here Maarten Hoogenboom also excelled as compere. Tal Balshai , whose main interest is in composing and arranging, remains a very popular guest when piano skills are essential.

Mrs. Julia Iffländer :

During the winter of 2006 we performed as part of the Openstage Show on the Ku'damm. There we were able to encounter the delights of virtuoso abilities in song and piano of this lady. Quite spontaneously as is the custom amongst musicians , we swapped addresses.

Since then we have recorded the song " Teacher's Pet" by Doris Day with her, which will appear on our next CD. Of course Julia Iffländer is always a welcome guest at our performances, as she enriches our band with her jazzy warm voice.